‘People think I don’t like Luke Shaw’ — Jose Mourinho finally reveals the truth about Shaw

Photo: Getty images

Jose Mourinho was very critical of Luke Shaw during his time at Manchester United, and he often left him out to dry in public.

During his two-year spell as Manchester United manager, the Portuguese didn’t have a good relationship with Shaw and often left him out of the team.

However, Shaw is currently among the best left-backs in the world and had a phenomenal tournament at the just concluded Euro 2020.

Surprisingly, Mourinho still took a dig at Shaw during his analysis in the course of the tournament.

A lot has been said about Mourinho’s treatment of Shaw, but he has now come out to say that he appreciates the England international and also spoke highly of him.

“People think I don’t like Luke Shaw,” Mourinho told talkSPORT.

“I have to say: amazing tournament, fantastic final, no defensive mistakes. Very solid. On top of that he improve and improve and improve.”

Mourinho also admitted that Shaw won’t be carried away with the banter that has ensued between them in the press recently.

“It doesn’t mean much, but for him for his career, for the way he grew up very good. Very good, Luke Shaw,” he said.