Will Rashford take penalties for Man Utd after his miss against Italy in Euro 2020? Solskjaer responds

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford missed a crucial penalty against Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has backed Rashford to take penalties for Manchester United despite his miss against Italy.

Solskjaer said: “You learn from it and definitely come back stronger. I’ve not seen many people, at this club anyway, who lay down and say I’ll not take a penalty anymore.

“I know Marcus is going to put his hand up and say he wants to take one for us.”

He added: “You know the thing is when you step up to take a penalty, I think you’ve already won.

“You’ve taken on the responsibility and I’m sure many of the players are hoping I don’t want to take a penalty.

“So I think it’s a great character trait to step up and say I will deal with it, and the consequences. You might be the hero or the one who misses. That’s football.”