Former Manchester City star fires sour grapes jibe at Manchester United legend Roy Keane

A lot was said after England’s Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy, as the Three Lions failed to break the barrier of the past 55 years.

England lost the game in penalties, with a young Bukayo Saka failing to convert the last kick.

Many had lamented the fact that such an important kick was given to a 19-year-old, and Manchester United legend Roy Keane hit out at Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish for not taking a kick.

The former Manchester United captain Keane criticised both Raheem Sterling and Grealish for just ‘sitting there’ and letting a teenager take a penalty ahead of them in such a high profile situation.

“If you’re Sterling or Grealish you cannot sit there and have a young kid walk up ahead of you,” Keane said on ITV Sport.

“You can’t sit there and see a young kid, 19, a child walk up in front of me when I’ve played a lot more games, and got a lot more experience.”

However, Grealish had since come out to say that he wasn’t selected by the manager Gareth Southgate to take a kick.

Former Manchester City and West Ham winger Trevor Sinclair has maintained that he believes Grealish and accused Keane of sour grapes.

“As we all know, Roy Keane has got an opinion. But you can’t just accept that knowing it’s not the truth,” Sinclair said on talkSPORT.

“Roy Keane’s not privileged, we are not privileged at talkSPORT to know what was going on in those meetings when we’re talking about penalties.

“I believe Jack. I don’t think he’s a shrinking violet. He’s a player who steps up to the plate. When you want to make a name for yourself, that’s when you step up.

“I think with Roy Keane, with the fact Jack Grealish left the Irish squad, went to the England squad, I think there’s a little bit of sour grapes there personally.”