Solskjaer refuses to be deceived as he gives update on Varane deal

Manchester United are set to announce Jadon Sancho deal and while that one seem done and dusted, the Raphael Varane deal is one United fans are keen on.

Speaking after the victory over Derby County, in what was United’s first pre-season game, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was asked about the club’s move for Sancho and Varane.

Solskjaer revealed after the game that only little details left in the Sancho transfer is the reason it hasn’t been done yet.

“From what I understand only paperwork, small little details, hopefully we can announce something,” said Solskjaer.

“Let’s get all the paperwork done and get him over the line and then I can say what I truly feel about the player.”

Meanwhile, the conversation below ensued between a reporter and the Manchester United boss.

Reporter: ‘Why were you keen to sign Sancho?’

Solskjær: ‘I will talk about players when we sign them, not while they’re at another club.’

The reporter then tried to trick Solskjaer into another question, but Solskjaer was not fooled by the speed of the question and refused to discuss a deal for Raphael Varane.

Reporter: ‘How close are you to signing Varane?’

Solskjær: ‘[Laughs] Same again!’