Ferdinand: They performed when needed in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United transfer

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has hailed the club’s hierarchy for agreeing a deal with Juventus to re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ferdinand told FIVE : “One thing I have to say is that the Man United hierarchy, when they needed to move there was no looking back. They performed, I must say, perfectly at every step, every point.

“There was no looking over their shoulder, there was no hesitancy about it.

“You have to understand that when someone like Ronaldo comes on the scene and there is an opportunity for him to come to a football club and continue his legacy and continue his history at this football club, if Man United had let that slip through their fingers, and for him to have gone across the city to the other side, you would have had to have had security 24/7 around the clock at the stadium, let alone the houses of some of the people involved in that.

“Listen, there has been a lot of criticism that has been pointed at different people in the hierarchy at Manchester United at whatever period of time it is.”