Rooney reveals what Man Utd players must do following Ronaldo transfer

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has revealed what Manchester United players must do following the imminent arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to Rooney, Manchester United players will have to work harder to play alongside the five-time Bollon d’Or winner who still ‘wants to be the best’.

“Where would I play him? As a striker,” Rooney said, as quoted by The Guardian.

“He’s a striker and the other nine outfield players behind him will probably have to do a little bit more work because when you’ve got someone like Cristiano you want him fresh around the box.

“He still wants to be the best and I’m sure he will have a big impact on them this season.

“When you bring someone in like Cristiano what it does for the players is bring in that winning mentality every day to the club.

“For the likes of young players like Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Scott McTominay to have Cristiano would be a big help for them.”