Manchester United’s most criticised player hailed for doing the dirty work in the team

Photo: AFP/Getty images

Many pundits and fans believe Manchester United need to sign a top class central midfielder. However, United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been satisfied with the performance of Brazilian midfielder Fred over the past two seasons.

Despite the criticisms targeted at Fred, former Manchester United defender Mikaël Silvestre has hailed the impact of Fred in the middle of the park, and he believes Fred is the most underrated player in the team who does all the dirty work.

“He took his time to adjust to the Premier League and to the pace of the game. When United were on a great run of games and when they kept winning, he was one of the top performers,” he recently told Metro UK on behalf of NetBet.

“He’s doing the dirty work which goes unnoticed in front of the back four, but I can tell that the defence will always like these types of players because they give protection. I actually think he’s very underrated in this team, he’s someone who gives everything to the team does that job which goes unnoticed.

“I think he [Solskjaer] trusts Fred to do the job, offensively he can be a bit erratic, but he gives so much on the defensive side of the game.

“You can’t really blame him [for the Southampton goal]; he can’t be on every single loose ball like a magnet and then be so accurate and have the style of Bruno Fernandes going forward.

“It’s too much to ask of him, but you win titles by making sure you don’t concede goals, so he’s a massive part for United. I think this is why Ole considers him to be a good enough player to achieve that and why United haven’t gone in for another midfielder.”