Upset Manchester United star finally speaks up after a week of silence

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani has revealed his disappointment at not being able to play for his national team this period.

Cavani is set to miss three rounds of World Cup qualifying matches due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Premier League body made a decision last month that players would not be allowed to travel to red list countries due to Covid-19 fears.

Cavani missed his country’s 1-1 draw with Peru and will now miss games against Bolivia and Ecuador in two other World Cup qualifying matches on Sunday and Thursday.

After a week of silence, Cavani has revealed that he’s sad and upset with the decision.

“We are exposed to decisions that are made in the organizations of some tournaments and leagues and any of the two decisions (travelling or not) would be bad for us,” Cavani said.

“We don’t get rich playing for our national teams. I have a commitment with myself and a moral commitment to defend our country.

“We get rich by wearing the shirt of our national teams.”