3 football fans force Bruno Fernandes to take selfie while game was on

Photo: Reuters

A bizarre scene happened in Baku, Azerbaijan, as Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes was mobbed by fans on the pitch during Portugal’s win 3-0 over Azerbaijan.

It was an easy night for Bruno Fernandes and his team-mates as goals from Bernardo Silva, Andre Silva and Diogo Jota secured a comfortable away win for Portugal.

However, the game took a bizarre twist in the 87th minute when three young Azerbaijan supporters ran onto the field to snap a selfie with Fernandes. Surprisingly, little was done to stop the pitch invaders and an unhappy Bruno was left all by himself with the fans.

Security didn’t react to the situation as Bruno Fernandes reluctantly posed for a photo with the young fans before they ran off the field and back into the stands.

Surely, it wasn’t a good scene in Baku and the security personnel in question need to be taught their job.