Daniel James makes admission after leaving Manchester United, but Gary Neville disagrees with him

Photo: Getty Images

Daniel James didn’t make the cut at Manchester United and had to be sold off to Leeds United, as United had strengthened the flanks this summer.

Following the addition of Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo, it was clear that there was no space for James in the team.

The Welshman has now admitted that he played too safe at times and didn’t do enough as a winger at Manchester United.

He said in an interview with The Telegraph: “When I stepped back it was remembering to be direct, to be that person. Safe is dangerous in the position I play. You’re not there to do that – you’re there to score goals and make assists, and run yourself into the ground on and off the ball.”

Meanwhile, Manchester United legend Gary Neville has responded by bashing out at wingers who do not choose to focus on scoring goals and creating assists by being direct.

Neville said on twitter: “It seems an obvious thing but it’s alarming how many wide players/forwards get stuck in build up, pockets, half turns and possession and forget why they are there! Goals, assists and to run behind defenders with and without the ball.”