“Don’t take anything for granted” – Mason Greenwood receives warning

Photo: Getty images

Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov has sent a warning to Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood following the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Berbatov told Metro: “Hopefully the young boys, especially Mason Greenwood because I think he’s a great talent with a great finishing ability, they can benefit the most because he can ask, he can watch he can learn.

“That guy Ronaldo is a living legend and he’s in your dressing room. If you don’t take your chance to learn something from him then it would be a waste of time and you can see how he prepares, how he stays after training, how he takes care of himself.

“And this way you can raise your bar and develop your football skills even more. Greenwood, he’s a natural finisher. At the moment he is playing because he deserves to play. No one is going to give you anything at United like that, you need to deserve it.

“In the case of Mason, i’m so happy for him because he’s an academy product, also Rashford as well. Imagine Mason left or right, or Rashford or Sancho and Ronaldo in the middle. During training they need to ask questions, watch and observe. But they need to deserve to play, this is very important. Don’t take anything for granted. Train hard and they play.”