Tim Sherwood: Cristiano Ronaldo responsible for Bruno Fernandes penalty miss against Aston Villa

Photo: Reuters

Tim Sherwood has blamed Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo for Bruno Fernandes’ penalty miss against Aston Villa.

According to Sherwood, the arrival of Ronaldo at Manchester United has put extra pressure on Bruno Fernandes and contributed to his crucial penalty miss today.

Sherwood said on Fernandes’ chances of taking penalties in the future: “Very little I would say.

“He threw the ball to Ronaldo in an international game and Ronaldo missed one so he’s done him a favour there.

“Listen, he don’t miss that. You’ve never, ever seen him blast the ball over the cross bar.

“He always waits for the goalkeeper to go down and rolls it in the other corner.

“It’s the pressure now of someone else. The main man is here. Ronaldo [being] there 100% is distorting his thinking there.

“He knows he’s got one chance and one chance only and I think we’ve just seen it go by.”