“He came, he saw and he conquered” – Sir Alex Ferguson gives verdict on fantastic Manchester United player

Legendary former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Cristiano Ronaldo for a ‘fantastic’ second debut at Manchester United and compared his return to ‘Caesar entering Rome after victory’.

Ronaldo completed a shock return to Manchester United during the summer transfer window- 12 years after leaving Old Trafford for Real Madrid – and scored twice in his second Manchester United debut against Newcastle.

Ferguson told Manchester United’s official podcast: “It’s fantastic.

“You saw on that Saturday (against Newcastle) that it was like Caesar entering Rome after victory. I came, I saw, I conquered. It was fantastic.

“‘I mean, for anyone who is a United fan, we could have had a million people in there, without doubt, as there were so many outside, hundreds outside. It’s one of these things. When he was here as a kid, his learning process was very, very quick.”

Ferguson also went on to speak about people’s perception of Ronaldo as a player.

He added: “A lot of people said he was a diver and there was a little spell of that but, after that, he was attacking defenders and all he needed was a nudge and he would waltz by them.

“He would attack with unbelievable speed. I think the increasing knowledge of his game – I think he was born with a desire.”