Inspirational Pogba finally gets the recognition he deserves

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Paul Pogba has often been criticised for his perceived lack of leadership, and it’s fair to say that the Frenchman was wrongly labelled.

Pogba helped France to the Nations League trophy as they came from behind to beat Spain 2-1 in the final clash.

A footage has emerged from the France dressing room after Sunday’s Nations League final, against Spain, where Pogba was seen urging his teammates on at half-time. His team talk seemed to have had an effect as the Les Bleus came out smoking in the second half.

Pogba said: “We have to be aggressive.

“It starts from the front all the way to the back, we win the ball back and we attack!

“And yes we’re going to run a lot because they have quality players but so do we. We have to keep the ball and hurt them.

“[In the] second half, we have to be aggressive!”

This now confirms what Raphael Varane said of Pogba when he signed up for United.

Varane told Sky Sports: “Paul spoke to me about the club, about the atmosphere, about the expectations. Of course, he is a great player. But he also has very good, positive energy.

“He is a leader for the group. I’ve known him for a very long time so I’m happy to play with him.”

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