“I didn’t like this former Manchester United player” – Ian Wright

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has revealed he didn’t like Manchester United legend Roy Keane during his playing days but admits Keane is now his friend.

Wright said: “People have to understand that Roy Keane is just an honest man.

“What I like about Roy Keane is that I see him as my friend. We go and we talk about some serious things.

“I see him as my friend now, but like I say, when we played I didn’t like him. I didn’t like him at all.

“I remember when I won my Premier League medal, when the camera came in I remember saying “Roy Keane winners medal”, because Roy Keane one time said to me ‘Wrighty you’ve got a cabinet full of losers medals!.

“It’s the kind of comment I would have said to him if the shoe was on the other foot. But when he said it, it hurts you but I was laughing deep down because it’s a killer, it finishes you, bam.

“Even when I reminded him, he said ;nah I didn’t say that’. I said, ‘Roy, it’s not something you forget!”