“A club with ambition would have replaced Solskjaer with Conte” – Manchester United board slammed for Conte decision

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Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker believes the Red Devils ‘missed a trick’ by not replacing Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with Antonio Conte.

According to Parker, a club with aspirations can’t miss out when a manager like Conte is available. Parker is unhappy the Red Devils continued with Solskjaer and let Conte join Tottenham Hotspur.

“They have missed a trick not appointing Antonio Conte,” Parker told Eurosport. “They would have taken him if they were serious about making a change.

“When someone like Conte is available, a club with aspirations can’t miss out. The Italian has the best CV out there at the moment, and if you look at what he’s achieved at every club he’s managed then you can see that Spurs have found a winner.

“Yes, Conte comes with baggage, and you know some Tottenham players will be knocking on Daniel Levy’s door saying they are not happy with how he treats them.

“But Spurs fans won’t mind because they don’t want those players. Conte is going to clear up that dressing room and get rid of players who don’t want to work hard.

“There’s not going to be a change of manager at Manchester United now, that ship has sailed. Unless there’s another complete collapse I can’t see it happening.

“Now Conte has gone to Spurs, you look what’s out there in terms of managers and you could easily end up going down another wrong path. It would look like desperation.”