Agbonlahor: Manchester United star deserves an apology. He’s the one saving Manchester United

Photo: Getty images

Former Premier League star Gabriel Agbonlahor believes Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo deserves an apology after he rescued Manchester United yet again against Atalanta.

United came from behind twice against Atalanta to draw 2-2 in the Champions League with the Portuguese scoring twice.

Several pundits have criticised Ronaldo lately, claiming the Manchester United forward doesn’t work hard enough.

“Whenever they need a goal, he’s there, isn’t he? But how many times are they going to need him to get them out of jail?” Agbonlahor told talkSPORT.

“Why is it always him that has to come up with a world class finish?

“Probably a lot of people need to apologise really about the way they spoke about Ronaldo that he’s going to be the problem.

“He’s the one saving them, he’s not the problem, he’s the one getting them results, keeping them in the Champions League, keeping them in the race for the top four.”

Ronaldo will be hoping to make a similar impact when United come up against Manchester City on Saturday.