‘He’s a poor player, suitable for bottom-half teams’ — Some Manchester United fans rip apart Manchester United player

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Manchester United fans have been unhappy with recent happenings at the club and some fans have ripped apart United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka after his unimpressive performances in recent games.

Some of the Manchester United fans have labelled the £45m signing from Crystal Palace ‘a rubbish and poor player’ and do not think he’s good enough to play for the Red Devils.

Here are some of the Manchester United fans’ reactions:

Bwuk (via RedCafe): “I think he’s rubbish to be honest. It’s mind-blowing that we are playing him at wing back when he’s so bad with the ball.”

UnitedFan93: “Just a really poor player, suitable for bottom half teams. Being good at slide tackles doesn’t make you a good right back. Nowhere near good enough for any attacking team wanting to challenge for major trophies. Zero positional intelligence, zero ability on the ball.”

BlueHaze: “He’s imo defensively decent but let’s face it, we’ve blown £50m on an offensively handicapped full back. He’s absolutely inept attacking wise.”

Blake’s 7: “AWB is at his best when confronted with a 1 vs 1 defending scenario. Beyond that, he actually has no positional awareness, doesn’t sniff danger, poses very little attacking threat, can’t cross the ball and looks like he’s ‘buffering”‘when trying to make a decision whilst in possession.”

Robaldo: “Feel bad singling a player out when the whole team performed the way they did today, but he was seriously bad. No obvious sign of progression in over two years and just doesn’t look like a top-half full back.”

Mickson: “He’s a good fullback for a defensive team with structure and with no ambitions. I said it then and I say it now: he’s not a Man United type of player and hopefully Ethan Laird will come in next season.”