Former Manchester United midfielder names four players who may leave the club if United fail to secure a top four finish

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Manchester United could lose some of their best players if they fail to secure a top four finish, according to Paul Ince.

United are currently occupying sixth on the Premier League table, after failing to win their last game against Manchester City.

Losses against Liverpool and Leicester have also not helped our cause, as the likes of Arsenal and West Ham appear to be hitting top form.

According to Ince, who used to play for Man United, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford may all leave for better teams if there isn’t an upturn in the club’s form soon.

He told The United Stand, “What I do know is something’s got to happen because you’re talking about fourth position, we’re not guaranteed to get fourth.

“We’ve seen the resurgence of Arsenal, there’s a lot of teams up there that could get fourth.

“We might not be in the Champions League next year.

“You can imagine next season… Ronaldo would be gone, Pogba would be gone, no Champions League football.

“This is what you’ve got to be careful of and I think the likes of Greenwood and Rashford, talented Manchester United kids that have come through the ranks.

“If they get p****d off that they’re not getting any time then who’s to say they’re not going to move.

“Then we’ll be starting all over again. spend another half a billion pounds on trying to get the right players in, so you can see where we can go from this.”