Solskjaer told Manchester United players don’t fear him. This is a big problem for Manchester United

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Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been told that Manchester United players don’t fear him.

This is according to Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand, who believes this is a big problem for Manchester United.

Ferdinand said on his Five with Vibe podcast: “I’ve always said that the trajectory has been slow – not a big spike when you think wow, he’s changed it like Tuchel’s done at Chelsea, but where he’s taken it over his tenure since he’s been here, it’s a gradual increase to the beginning of this season.

“I look at little details, it’s not just the team aren’t where they should be in the league and we’re not challenging etc, they’re valid points.

“But when I watch our team and sit there and feel the players aren’t in fear – the intensity’s not right, players aren’t sprinting out and hurting themselves sometimes in games – I see that as a disrespect to the manager and almost like ‘I don’t fear (him)’.

“Every great manager who has been successful or won things in this game, they have an element in fear. Pep now, Klopp now, Tuchel now, Fergie in my time, George Graham at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger – there’s an element of ”if you don’t do what I say, you don’t follow the rules, you don’t follow the fundamentals that make us successful – you are getting back here and sitting in front of me or behind me on the bench and watching” – I don’t see that fear in this squad. That can’t be right. It ain’t right.

“I’ve said it before. Do you think David Beckham, a superstar, Ryan Giggs – biggest collection of medals ever to his last day under Sir Alex Ferguson – could ever jog back with no intensity – or don’t push out and not close people down.

“That could never have happened because they knew come half-time the manager – I don’t care how experienced you are – would be in your face.

“You’d have phlegm all over your face he’d be that close because he’d be telling you in no uncertain terms ”if you’re not doing what I’m telling you to do – I’ll give you five more minutes and you’re coming off” and you’d be sitting there thinking ”oh my God” – fearful that would happen to you, the embarrassment, the pride, the ego.

“I still think where we’re in a place where I think if Ole, if he went now, he walks away with his head held high. Will he get a job somewhere else? I think he will. Frank Lampard after what he’s done at Chelsea – he’s been in the frame for a lot of jobs.

“You can say ‘he’s you’re mate you can’t speak about him and say his time’s up now – but you have to be honest with what you see because if it was someone else I would say it.

“I don’t get this ‘you can’t say this about a manager’ because people are quick to say it about a player – oh he’s time’s up at a club, get rid of him, he should never wear the shirt again – but you can’t say it about a manager – what’s the difference?”