Fans react to Harry Maguire’s winner for England against Albania

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire scored the winner for England in the 5-0 victory over Albania on Friday night.

His goal celebration with his hands cupped on his ears has drawn reactions among United fans on social media.

Here’s how a selection of Red Devils supporters reacted:

@CosmoKhan “ Harry Maguire’s celebration then was hilarious, the fingers in the ears to signal he’s not listening to the criticism. You’re being criticised lately because you are playing TERRIBLY at United, it’s all justified mate!”

@ UnitedCloud “Harry Maguire cupping his ears with his hands! Great header.”

@wbuline “He doesn’t turn up when we need him at United. Is it because of too much pressure on him?”

@CallumBrannon “Nice if he starts doing that for us as well.”

@Dee_Faku “They are all ballers when they are not playing for Manchester United.”

@SStocken88 “lol It’s amazing how our players do well when they’re not at the club…..wonder why that is?”

@K97C21 “You don’t think after all he’s had to endure in recent weeks he isn’t delighted to be back on track? People act like he’s the only problem at United when in reality there’s loads.”