Former Chelsea striker reveals the manager that will turn things around at Manchester United

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Brendan Rodgers would jump at the chance to become Manchester United’s new manager, if the opportunity comes, according to former Chelsea striker, Tony Cascarino.

Rodgers has been touted as one of the favourites to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, should he be sacked as United boss.

The Norwegian is under immense pressure to turn things around at Old Trafford, with the club struggling at the moment and languishing in sixth on the league table.

Rodgers has previously insisted he is focused on his job as Leicester City manager, but Cascarino is adamant he would gladly accept the offer to join United if it came.

He told talkSPORT, “I know Brendan would jump at the job.

“I say, ‘I know’ – Brendan, if he was listening, would probably say, ‘How would you know?’

“But only because his track record of taking on a job when it’s offered to you.

“And Leicester is not a job of the quality of Manchester United, as much as they’ve been an incredible football club, done brilliant things and have got a great squad.

“The attraction of Manchester United is way superior for any manager. That opportunity is a once in a lifetime for Brendan.

“If it isn’t [Zinedine] Zidane, because of other issues – the way he looks at the Premier League – Brendan, I think would jump here.”

Cascarino added, “That Brendan style of play would be a massive attraction.

“Look, he had Liverpool for a period and Liverpool had an incredible side under Brendan as well.

“You couldn’t look at Brendan and think he doesn’t deserve an opportunity of managing one of the clubs who could win the Premier League.

“Leicester fans will say, ‘Well, we’ve done that before,’ but I generally don’t feel that the time that Leicester won it in 2016, there was a lot of sleeping giants in football and a lot of transition was happening at the major clubs in this country.”