‘Stop criticising him’ — Former England international slams Roy Keane and supports Maguire’s celebration

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Former Aston Villa striker, Gabriel Agbonlahor, has called on those criticising Harry Maguire, to cut him some slack, and try supporting him instead.

Agbonlahor’s comments come after Manchester United legend, Roy Keane, ripped into Maguire, following his celebration, after scoring in England’s 5-0 win over Albania.

The United defender scored the opener, and ran to the corner flag, cupping his ear— a behaviour that was deemed prideful by Keane.

Keane termed it ’embarrassing’, as he reminded Maguire he has been abysmal for United this season.

The former player, who served as a pundit for the game had said, “When a player scores puts his hands to his ears he’s like shutting the critics up, but I think that’s embarrassing, he’s been a disgrace to Man United. He thinks he scores there he’s shut his critics up, embarrassing.”

But the comments have drawn criticisms from some other people, including Agbonlahor, who said the United legend was now bullying Maguire.

“I’ve seen the quotes and the video of it from Roy Keane and I think Roy Keane’s being a bit of a bully there,” Agbonlahor told talkSPORT.

“I think he’s bullying him because Harry Maguire’s been under a lot of pressure, some not very good performances for Manchester United.

“The next game to prove you’re a good centre-half, yes it’s Albania, but still he had a job to do, he scores, the excitement of scoring you’re going to celebrate.

“If I was going through a run of bad form and I scored a goal, I’m going to do the exact same celebration.

“Hands on your ears to the critics that I’m going to try to put in a good performance and I thought he done that Harry Maguire.

“Every time he does something now, it feels like everyone’s against him. He’s English, he’s the captain of Manchester United, he has the pressure of that.

“But he’s probably our best centre-half, let’s get behind him, not always trying to criticise him. So for me, it is bullying from Roy Keane.

“Everyone sort of jumps on the bandwagon whenever Roy Keane says something.”

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