‘I was the first person to tell him’ — Ex United star Nani reveals what he told Bruno Fernandes

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United hero, Nani, has insisted he was the one that first told Bruno Fernandes to join Manchester United if he was to join a Premier League side.

Fernandes joined United for £46 million, plus add-ons in January 2020, and immediately became a success.

But before his move to the red side of Manchester, the Portuguese was also a subject of interest for Manchester City and Tottenham, and according to Nani, it was his words of advice that pushed him to United.

He told The Athletic, “I was the first one to tell him he should go to England and if he decides to go to England, if he can choose Man United it would be the best thing for him.

“That was funny because a couple of months later when I went to Orlando I saw the news and I texted him because I was seeing Man City and Man United and Tottenham were fighting for him and I said, ‘If you have to go, you choose Man United! It’s the best!'”

Meanwhile, Nani, who left United in 2015 insists he still follows the club, and United remain close to his heart.

“Always,” he said, when asked if he still keeps up with United.

“If I don’t have a game at the same time, of course. It’s special now with Cristiano [Ronaldo] there.

“Obviously, when you see the news and the situation of him at Juventus you could imagine that there was no better place for him to go than to go back. In my head, I knew he could go.

“I knew the news would be true so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to me. It’s always a motivation to see Man United and Old Trafford full of fans, the way the atmosphere is at that stadium is just incredible.

“It’s good to see and remember some good moments.”