Manchester United have paid a staggering £54,563,562 as compensation fee to sacked managers

According to research, Manchester United are third on table of clubs to have paid the most money to sacked managers as compensation.

Rivals Tottenham Hotspur occupy the first position as they have paid more money to managers than any other club in the Premier League, while Chelsea are second.

It has been revealed that Tottenham Hotspur have shelled out £85,919,178 to managers who were eventually shown the exit door by Daniel Levy.

This equates to a staggering average of £21,479,794 per sacked manager and an even more terrifying £530,914 per match, and an even more jaw-dropping £1,001,904 per victory won under each manager.

Despite Chelsea’s ruthless hiring and firing strategy at Stamford Bridge, the Blues have spent £67,835,068, averaging out to £13,567,014 per sacked manager.

However, their money paid per game and money paid per win is quite a bit higher than Spurs, as they have forked out on average £749,520 per match and £1,303,049 per victory.

Meanwhile, Manchester United have paid £54,563,562 on fired managers, averaging out to £18,187,854 per manager.