Manchester United player urged to ‘focus on football’

Sky Sports presenter, Richard Keys, has told Marcus Rashford to focus more on his day job, instead of seeking extra relevance in other areas, like charity.

Rashford has become known for his charity work over the last year, with numerous awards and honours coming his way as a result of the good work he’s done.

But with Manchester United struggling for form this season, Keys believes it may be time for the England International to give his all to football, more than anything else.

He’s quoted by Pundit Arena as saying, “It gets complicated when pop stars/footballers and the like start to want to get taken seriously – and they forget about the day job.

“Marcus Rashford is also a good example of that. What he did to tackle child hunger was wonderful. But leave it there, Marcus.

“Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was right – get back to doing what you’re paid for. There’s a need for massive improvement there.

“Rashford has made 183 appearances for Manchester United and scored 57 goals – one every 3.21 games. Making 46 appearances for England he’s scored 12 goals – one every 3.83 games. For a striker – is that enough?”