Top manager expected to replace Solskjaer already learning English

Photo: Getty images

Emmanuel Petit has revealed that Zinedine Zidane is learning English amid reports linking the former Real Madrid boss with the Manchester United job.

However, Petit doesn’t believe Zidane is learning English so he can replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchester United boss.

“If you are a manager of a football club you need to speak different languages,” Petit told “I know Zinedine speaks different languages but I’m pretty sure English is not one of them.

“There are so many examples of wrong decisions in football – not necessarily the wrong decision about someone’s ability, but about the dressing room being a right fit given all the different nationalities.

“Communication is very important, so if you do not speak the language when you arrive at a club like Manchester United, that could be a big problem.

“I’ve been told that he has been learning English recently, so I think he knows it’s important for his career, but Zinedine being linked with Manchester United – I don’t believe it, to be honest.

“Of course, he’s a big name but he never played in the Premier League and has very little connection with it, so as I said, I don’t believe it.”