Evra reveals the most annoying and toughest opponent he ever faced while playing for Man Utd

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United legend Patrice Evra has named Liverpool star James Milner as the ‘most annoying’ opponent he ever faced during his playing career.

Evra insists he never feared anyone but admitted he was always frustrated playing against Milner who has played for Newcastle United, Aston Villa and Manchester City, and now Liverpool.

“The best player I played against it was Patrice. I was my worst enemy, because I never feared anyone,” Evra told Manchester United’s official website.

“I was just like when I wasn’t in a good day, I knew anyone could beat me, but most of the time I was in a good day.

“The toughest one? It’s not the toughest one but the most annoying one was James Milner.

“People always expect me to say another one but James Milner the reason was because he was always defending more than myself.

“I’m someone, I’m an attacking defender so he frustrated me so much because he was following me everywhere.

“Even if I was going in the toilet, he was going to follow me. I would say the most annoying is James Milner.”