Is it Manchester United? Zidane ‘has already all but agreed next job’

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United managerial target Zinedine Zidane has reportedly made a decision on his next job.

According to Julien Laurens, the former Real Madrid boss has “pretty much agreed” to become the new France manager when Didier Deschamps steps away from the role.

Laurens doesn’t believe Zidane will take the Manchester United job as he has all but agreed to replace Deschamps as France boss when his countryman stands down.

“He knows that whenever Deschamps steps down, which more likely will be after the World Cup in Qatar in just a year’s time, or maybe after the Euros in 2024 in Germany, but sooner rather than later that job will be available,” Laurens told ESPN.

“And it’s Zidane’s, it’s pretty much all agreed, we all know that he’s the one coming next after Deschamps. So for him to go to United and signing a two-and-a-half-year deal or a three-and-a-half-year deal doesn’t make much sense if in a year’s time he has to step down from the United job to go and take the France job.”