‘It’s been heartbreaking to watch’ — Gary Neville reveals the shocking thing that has happened to Manchester United this season

Former Manchester United defender, Gary Neville, has admitted that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is guilty of making a silly mistake this season.

United have had some poor results this season, with a 2-0 defeat to Manchester City, the latest of a string of underwhelming outings for the Red Devils.

Many fans and ex- players have not held back in criticising Solskjaer for what is perceived to be a tactical ineptitude on his part, and even though he claims its ‘not his style’ to demand that a manager be sacked, Neville admits that his former teammate has failed in one area.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the Pundit noted, “This season has been a shock and they have a horrific week coming up.

“The signing of some very good players adds further condemnation to these recent performances. I think United with this squad should challenge for the title. But we are in a really bad position and it’s heartbreaking to watch Ole.

“For Man United fans who loved him and ex-players who still love him. It’s not easy commentating on a former team-mate. I think Ole not sorting out the compactness of the team earlier was silly. It was a glaring tactical omission.

“I am happy to say that. Not good enough. But I just won’t say the other thing. Not about Ole or any manager. I never have.”