Maguire ‘disrespected’ Manchester United, after red card against Watford

Photo: Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Harry Maguire was shown a red card, after receiving a second yellow, following a careless and unnecessary foul on Tom Cleverly during the 4-1 defeat to Watford.

But not only did the Manchester United captain cost the team by causing United to go one man down during the game, some fans are livid because of something he did after his dismissal.

After central referee, Jonathan Moss, showed Maguire the exit, the defender angrily threw the captain’s armband on the ground, in a bid to show his disappointment.

It probably wasn’t done to deliberately disrespect the club, but many found the behaviour inappropriate, especially coming from someone who’s supposedly a leader.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer didn’t seem triggered by what happened though, as he gave the former Leicester man a high five before he left the pitch.

Meanwhile, Maguire is now expected to miss the game against Chelsea, which is a huge blow, seeing as we’re still without Raphael Varane.

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