Man Utd caretaker boss Michael Carrick has already revealed how his Man Utd team will play

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Former Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has been named as Manchester United caretaker boss following the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Carrick has already previously hinted how his Manchester United team will play.

Carrick has hinted his Manchester United team will look to play quick, positive football during his time in charge.

Speaking in an interview with the Boot Room in March of this year, Carrick said: “Getting my body in a position to go forward as quickly as possible. That was always my first thought.

“I always like my first touch to be close to us, I know people say ‘Get it out of your feet’ but I always like my first touch … for me to be able to play it with my next without taking another stride.

“I didn’t like, getting it out of your feet, and having to take a stride, because that then prepares everybody for where the ball’s then passing. Even that one extra step prepares the [opposition] defenders.”