What Chelsea fans did after Harry Maguire’s red card against Watford

Photo: Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Ahead of next weekend’s Premier League clash against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea fans have reacted to Harry Maguire’s red card in our 4-1 defeat to Watford.

The Red Devils will be without the England international when we visit Stamford Bridge next Sunday.

Here’s how Chelsea fans reacted to Maguire’s red card on Reddit:

extremesanity96: “I don’t care about results against other teams. But please beat Manu for god’s sake. My love for Chelsea is equivalent to my hatred for Man United.”

Mona5800: “Maguires second yellow was hilarious… he must have watched too many Rudiger highlights and thought he could run the ball up the pitch”

tb71425: “Man wtf Maguire was needed against us! Now even Ole is sacked. Bad times for Chelsea xD”

Hassou_Tobi: “Nah. He’s shit but seems to get away with murder whenever he played against us. This might actually work in our favour.”

BrockStinky: “He doesn’t ‘turn up’ against us, he tries to kill our players and gets away with it because refs are blind. Hate the prick with a passion.”