Cole reveals the main Manchester United player that caused Solskjaer to be sacked

Photo: Getty images

Former West Ham striker Carlton Cole has blamed Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo as Manchester United’s major problem under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Ronaldo has scored nine times for United this season, since his return to Old Trafford, but the Portuguese has had to deal with critics, who believe he doesn’t press hard enough for his team.

According to Cole, Solskjaer’s problem came because he didn’t know how to utilise Ronaldo in his system. Manchester United finished in 2nd place last season, but this season’s performance has been woeful, and despite the heavy summer investment, the club has deteriorated.

Speaking on the 36 year old, Cole told talkSPORT, “He’s always going to get a goal, but you need to play to his strengths and playing to his strengths is not playing to Man United’s strengths.

“Man United need to be a high pressing team, they need energy, they had that going on last season to be honest, they had it.

“Then coming into this season and getting Ronaldo, you’re not going to turn down Ronaldo if he’s going to come to you so they have to ride it.

“Ole, I don’t think he’s figured it out how to go back to last season and add Ronaldo to build for the future.

“Ronaldo is the main man now and he’s scoring all the goals and important ones as well, but it’s not helped him at all, getting into this season with Ronaldo. This season has not been good for United.”