Manchester United have made no progress in the last three years — Liverpool legend blasts club

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has given a blunt assessment of Manchester United in the last 3 years

Carragher has given a blunt assessment by saying Manchester United have not made any progress in the last three years.

The former Reds defender believes the Red Devils have not achieved anything in terms of results on the pitch in the last three years and has urged the club to find long-term solutions to existing problems.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Jamie Carragher said: “You can’t tell me anything under Jose Mourinho and Louis Van Gaal was worse than the last five defeats in seven Premier League game. Mourinho won the Europa League and the League Cup, Van Gaal won the FA Cup.

“Let’s not rewrite history and forget that Mourinho finished second in the league, even if his style of play was not considered suitable for United’s supporters. Yes, Manchester United were runners-up last year too, but only because Liverpool had no senior defenders for a season. They were in a false position.

“In terms of results, the team has made no progress at all in the last three years. Whoever takes over will inherit a similar situation to that of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in 2018. Such are the finances at Man United, the resources will always be available for the right man to succeed.

“Things can always get better sooner rather than later. That makes the fact Man United are prepared to go another six months without their long-term solution more extraordinary. Man United are one of the biggest clubs in the world. It is about time they started acting like it.”

Meanwhile, the club have reached an agreement with Ralf Rangnick to take over as interim manager.