Frank Lampard changes his mind and explains why Cristiano Ronaldo may be ahead of Lionel Messi

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard was with Gary Neville on The Overlap YouTube channel this week to discuss his past and future plans in the game.

Lampard’s discussion with Gary Neville finally got to the Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi rivalry.

The Chelsea legend said he was once fully on the side of Messi in the age-old debate of who was the greater player, but has now changed his mind and believes Cristiano Ronaldo may now have the ‘edge’.

Explaining the reason for a change in opinion, Lampard said: “I’ve always been a Messi man and then I watched your debate with Jamie Carragher.

“I actually think with Ronaldo’s output, numbers, goals in big finals and semi-finals like we’ve seen… I think I’ll maybe give him the edge now.”