What Man Utd players and fans should expect from incoming Man Utd boss Ralf Rangnick

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Manchester United have reached an agreement with German tactician Ralf Rangnick to become Manchester United boss until the end of the season.

Ex-Bayern Munich chief Michael Reschke has revealed what Manchester United players and fans should expect from Rangnick.

“Ralf will expect his staff to work 18 hours a day at Manchester United… or maybe 17 because even he recognises they have a right to sleep,” Reschke said as quoted by Daily Mail.

“He obsesses about work, about football. Even on Christmas Eve, knowing how important it is for you to be wrapping presents or gifting to your children, he would think nothing of calling you at 9pm because he had an important idea. He is a deep, deep thinker.

“He will be on fire at the prospect of taking on this challenge. He is one hundred per cent ready for it. Manchester United have fascinated him completely for years. They may have only called him on Sunday but I guarantee he had already watched their last 20 games.

“When he walked into his interview on Tuesday, he would have known every player and detail about them.

“Simply, Ralf is the man who changed German football the most in the past 20 years but he has always wanted the challenge of the Premier League. To compete in the number one league in the world will complete his career.”

“Ralf will have a clear plan for every player,” Reschke added. “There will be a clear plan of how to act in defence, how to create in attack, what to do if you have a red card and what the other team are going to do. The quality of his analysis is outstanding.”

“He loves working with quick, young players and the likes of Sancho, Rashford, Greenwood and Martial will all enjoy being with him. Ronaldo too I think will enjoy because like Ralf he is a very professional man who intensely wants to win.

“He will bring in his own staff and analysts as he knows exactly what he wants to do. He knows how he wants to improve Manchester United and will have a very clear plan. This is the chance he has been dreaming about.”