Alan Shearer gives his verdict on Michael Carrick’s decision to quit Manchester United

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Michael Carrick announced his decision to quit Manchester United just moments after the 3-2 victory over Arsenal on Thursday night.

Carrick was placed in temporary charge of United following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s dismissal last month. During his three games in charge, he guided the Red Devils to a 2-0 Champions League win at Villarreal, a 1-1 draw at Chelsea and a 3-2 victory over Arsenal.

Reacting to Carrick’s decision to quit Manchester United, former Premier League striker Alan Shearer said: “Fair play to him because there will be people who have said he was part of Ole’s coaching staff.

“But being an assistant you can only give your opinion on ‘no I think we should play five at the back’ the manager says ‘no i want to play four at the back’.

“That’s fine but you then have to back your manager up and say okay keep it in house not let the players know in terms of him giving an opinion.

“Then he has to back the manager up in everything he says and does. He might not have agreed with what Ole was doing but he has to back him up.

“So he might think Ole has had to take a lot of the flack, fairly, unfairly and he might think it’s right to walk away.

“But what a fantastic job and what a great guy he is. In the three games he’s had he’s set the team up perfectly and they responded in a very good way.”

Shearer went on to say he believed the decision was down to Carrick. He said: “I think because it’s his decision he doesn’t leave with a financial package.

“If it was other way around ‘we no longer want you we’re sacking you’ that’s different. But it’s his decision, he’s walking away from his contract. Didn’t he sign a new one in the summer?

“He leaves quietly but on the back of doing so many good things at this football club. It won’t be the last you see of him whether it’s a coaching capacity, manager capacity at another club.”

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  1. Asiki Godfrey | December 4, 2021 at 5:34 pm |

    I give credit to Carrick. I am a big fan of him. During his time as a player, it was hard for teams to win Man u and even as a coach. Shearer has said it all. That’s exactly what was in my mind. U can’t be an assistant of a new manager when ur manager was sacked for poor performance, should the new coach underperform, he will be blamed instead of the coach him self despite his three match record. So the best think is to resign and watch from far as well as wishing them the best every single match.Thank u shearer for ur assertion.

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