Rashford takes new step to beef up his safety

Photo: Getty images

Marcus Rashford has reportedly moved to beef up his security by hiring a minder to live with him.

The move comes amid growing concerns for players’ safety, after the homes of a number of Manchester United stars were burgled in recent months.

At least, three players at the club have been targeted by burglars in recent times, including Victor Lindelof. 

If you recall, back in January, the Swede’s home was attacked by hoodlums while he played for Manchester United against Brentford, with his wife and kids inside.

Lindelof’s family were shaken by the incident, and they even had to leave England to Sweden, to deal with the trauma.

And now, the Sun reports that Rashford is ensuring he doesn’t have to deal with anything like that by hiring his own security. 

The outlet quotes a source as saying, “Marcus got a bodyguard a while ago when his profile started to rise.

“But now the minder has become part of the furniture.

“It’s good for Marcus to know that he has someone on call 24/7 given the regularity with which footballers are being targeted and in increasingly violent ways.”

Rashford also has a guard dog worth £25,000 patrolling his estate, but he’s not the only footballer taking measures to protect himself.

Cristiano Ronaldo has twin brothers, Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, who served as elite special forces unit in Afghanistan, working for him, while the likes of Paul Pogba and Manchester City’s Kyle Walker have also beefed up their security.