Arsenal fans slammed Arsenal legend Ian Wright for saying Manchester United will finish above Arsenal. Read what Wright has predicted again

Arsenal legend Ian Wright had come under massive criticism from Arsenal fans following his comments that Manchester United will beat Arsenal in the race for top four.

Arsenal are in good stead to seal a top four finish, as they are currently two points behind Manchester United but have three outstanding games. Despite that, Ian Wright has said that his former side do not have enough firepower.

Following the backlash from Gunners fans, club legend Wright said on Ringer FC’s Wrighty’s House podcast: “Arsenal fans came for me. They weren’t cooking me, they were just kind of sizzling and warming the pan up.

“But the fact is that I said that I fancied Manchester United to come fourth because Manchester United have got the firepower to do it.

“I’m not going to put pressure on Arsenal and this young team who I said at the start of the season I would be delighted if they could get into the top six – and nothing has changed.

“I’m hearing ex-players and people saying “that’s where Arsenal should be” and with everything that Arsenal have done since [Arsene] Wenger to this point, Mikel is the only one that has come in and actually got the ship back on course.

“He’s got a young team, they’ve done a lot of sorting out and I for one am not going to the person that’s there saying: “Arsenal should be fourth!”‘

Wright added: ‘If Arsenal got fourth I would be ecstatic, but Arsenal are on the right path.

“That is why you will not hear me saying Arsenal are going to finish fourth and why I’d say Manchester United would.

“It’s not just because I don’t want to put pressure on, it’s that I genuinely believe Manchester United, at any stage, can click into gear because of the personnel that they have.

“With Arsenal, we couldn’t finish off Burnley, we dug in there and beat Wolves at the end. But Manchester United with the amount of chances they’re making, the fact they’ve got so many match-winners is why I said that and I’m not going to change that.”