“This is the secret behind their success” – Ralf Rangnick reveals what Man Utd must do to overtake Liverpool and Man City

Photo: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick has revealed what Manchester United must do to become the no.1 club in the country again.

The Red Devils have failed to win the Premier League since 2013 and are in a battle to finish in fourth place in the Premier again this season.

Rangnick has urged Manchester United to learn lessons from the way City and indeed Liverpool have developed in recent years if the Red Devils must become successful again.

“My focus was, and still is, on developing the current team and getting best out of this season,” Rangnick said.

“But City and Liverpool have continuity and consistency as their head coach, for the past five or six years. They have very clear identity, how they want to play.

“I know Jurgen [Klopp] in person and I know Pep [Guardiola} from time in Germany. He also has a clear idea how he wants to play.

“This is the secret behind their success. They know exactly how they want to play, they have a corporate identity. Not just for new players.

“This is what all the top clubs have in common. This is something that needs to be developed at Manchester United.”