Why Cristiano Ronaldo is always betting in training

Photo: Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images

Former Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira has revealed that Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo can never stop being competitive.

Khedira was teammates with Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Juventus, he has revealed how Ronaldo’s competitive nature made him even bet up to €100 in training.

“Not selfish in a bad way, just in the way young strikers are. He had to find his personality. And then the second Cristiano, after he moved to Juventus … he was much more of a leader.

“Still driven by ego and selfishness to score, but more about pushing his team-mates, helping them be better. Off the pitch, he was much more relaxed and much more mature, but on the pitch, always focused and just as intense.

“We saw it on the first day, taking shots on goal. He was so competitive, whether it was that or playing 4-on-4; he’d want to bet on it, say €100 or a bottle of wine. He’s a competitor and if he loses, he gets angry. So nobody wants to let him down.”