‘It doesn’t add up’ – Roy Keane claims Rangnick isn’t saying the truth about Ronaldo’s omission against Manchester City

Photo: Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard have in the past suggested that Ralf Rangnick was lying about their situation.

And now, club legend Roy Keane also believes that Ralf Rangnick was not telling the truth about why Cristiano Ronaldo sat out the game against Manchester City.

Ronaldo had been part of the squad up until Friday, with Rangnick claiming he had a hip injury on Sunday.

Roy Keane doesn’t buy the hip flexor story from the Manchester United manager.

“I think the surprise there is Ronaldo, I’m just never sure when they come out and say hip flexor,” Keane told Sky Sports.

Asked if he thought there is more to Ronaldo’s absence, Keane replied: “There seems to be.

“I just don’t like it when the manager talks about hip flexors.

“I don’t get it. We talk about Ronaldo being almost some sort of machine, he’s very rarely injured.

“But every now and again he [Rangnick] comes out with that… hip flexor, it doesn’t add up to me.”