Maguire reveals who to blame for Manchester United’s loss to Manchester City

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Roy Keane described Manchester United’s defeat to Manchester City as a game between men and boys.

Pep Guardiola’s side outclassed Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday, with the home team boasting of a 4-1 victory.

Harry Maguire admitted after the game that he was disappointed with the result, even though he hailed the team’s first half performance. However, the club skipper suggested that the midfielders couldn’t keep the ball in the second half, hence the shambolic display in the second period.

Maguire said: “We had good belief at half-time. We played the first half well, like I say, it was probably a 50-50 game in terms of both teams playing aggressive, both teams playing on the front foot.

“But the difference was, when we won the ball back off them in the first half, we were clean, we were good in transitions, we got on the counter-attack, we punished them a lot of times with finding good balls out wide and we kept the ball in their half.

“The second half comes and any time they put us under pressure we gave away the ball far too easily. It enabled them to control the game through possession and it made it difficult for ourselves to get up the pitch, and obviously they did what they do in terms of keeping the ball and they did that well in the second half. For me the most important thing is that we’ve got to look after the ball better.”