Pep Guardiola explains what happened to Manchester United without Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo: Getty images

Cristiano Ronaldo missed the game against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday due to a hip problem.

Ronaldo was expected to start the clash, but got ruled out after suffering a hip problem in training on Friday.

City boss Pep Guardiola believes Ronaldo’s absence was good for United as Ralf Rangnick’s side were able to press and show aggression.

“They make a 4-2-4, so aggressive for the mentality for Ralf. Without Cristiano they can do it,” said Guardiola after the match.

“They were incredibly aggressive and we struggled to deal with that.

“I’d say in the first half we had more chances with the counter-attack than with possession.”

Guardiola has a point about United’s pressing in the absence of Ronaldo  but then United also missed his quality up front, and that could have counted at the Etihad.