The Manchester United players who apologised after 4-1 defeat to Manchester City

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United star Jadon Sancho issued an apology to Manchester United fans after the 4-1 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday.

Sancho scored the only goal of the game for United, but it wasn’t enough to prevent a defeat.

Taking to his twitter page, Sancho wrote: “Apologies to the fans… It’s not good enough. We have to look ourselves as players and work hard to make things right. We will keep on fighting.”

David De Gea also posted an emotional message on social media:

“We will, one day, get this club back to where it deserves to be. Today was another bad moment in a difficult season but when we still have this shirt to defend we will not give up.”

Surely, Manchester United legend Roy Keane will be pissed at these statements.

In a memorable rant about the personality of the Manchester United squad, Keane said on Sky Sports: ”Egos come into it, you leave egos at the front door, these guys are all about how am I looking? Are my boots nice? Is my hair looking good? Play the game!

“You’re at Man United, we’re looking at the fans behind the goal and they know, they’re not daft, this team we’re supporting have given up.

“We’ll hear a load of rubbish over the coming days, we’ve heard it before, there’ll be statements, ‘sorry about that, we’ll try it again next week’, it’s what you do on the pitch that interests me, not all the other garbage.”