Enough is enough! Manchester United fans slam club

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Manchester United supporters hit out at the club following Sunday’s defeat to arch rivals Manchester City.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that United’s bio included a link to buy the side’s home and away shirts at a discount, and hit out at the club for only being interested in money.

Other rivals like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester, do not have such, but rather opted to have club honours and recent trophies in their bios.

After criticisms from fans, who were pissed off after the defeat, the club took down the link.

3 Comments on "Enough is enough! Manchester United fans slam club"

  1. Man United need a good coach the problem is not players

  2. ManU can bring the best coach in the world but, with nonchalant, uncommitted and aged players like womanguire, pogba, fat belly shaw, small level club players Telles and Fred, Lingard, Marshall, Jones, Ronaldo, Cavani, Wanbisaka, etc.

  3. Man united don’t need coach..new owners, glazers are money oriented with shirt selling instead of giving the managers the rights to express the future of the team by giving them authority and power over players and backing them too on players they want to bring in…we lack a sporting director…….

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