Rio Ferdinand vows not to back down in fresh message to Manchester United players

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has vowed not to stop his criticism of Manchester United players, having received several phone calls from their agents.

According to Ferdinand, some agents of the Manchester United players want him to stop criticising them during his punditry role.

Ferdinand has maintained that he has done nothing wrong, and it’s up to the players to work hard and improve.

He said on his Vibe With FIVE YouTube channel: “I ain’t saying sorry for stating facts. I ain’t saying sorry for tactically looking at the way people are playing and highlighting situations where you think you could do better there.

“You [the player] should be saying, ‘you know what, I know that, I understand, I know, you ain’t got to tell me, I will do better’. It’s not, ‘oh, you’re digging me out in public’.

“You should be your biggest critic, you shouldn’t be thinking about what I’m saying, this is my job, I’m paid to do this. Go on the training field and work, don’t worry about me, I’m going to be sitting here talking, my career’s done.

“When I’m highlighting the positives no one’s calling then, no one’s going, ‘thanks for that, you’ve done us a favour’. You don’t get that so don’t call me when I’m talking negatively about your player, I’m talking from a tactical standpoint.”