“You don’t become a bad player overnight” – Paul Merson slams critics of Manchester United star

Paul Merson has leaped to Marcus Rashford’s defence amid criticism of the Manchester United star.

The England international has scored just two goals in his last 20 appearances and come under heavy criticism from fans and pundits.

Merson has backed Rashford to rediscover his best form and insists a good player doesn’t become a bad player overnight.

Merson told Sky Sports: “Everything has been great since Rashford came on the scene, you couldn’t write it in a book if you tried. Now he has lost confidence and he’s finding it hard. His confidence is shot.

“This is first time he has lost it since he walked into the Manchester United team. From the moment he made his debut against in the Europa League, scored those two goals, I don’t think he has been without that confidence.

“Against City I remember him taking on three players, but the run was just token gesture, you could see he didn’t have the conviction that he was going to go past anyone.

“I feel sorry for Rashford. It’s a horrible feeling when you lose your confidence in football, but even more so when it happens for the first time.

“He’s not getting a run in the team so when he does come on, he always seems to be chasing the game and he’s trying to do too much.

“He’s got to get back to playing simple and build his confidence. He’s got to get back to basics and, all of a sudden, his confidence will come back because the kid is a good player, you don’t become a bad player overnight.”