‘It will be between these two’ – Former England coach makes top four prediction

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The top four race this season is a massive one, as the likes of Arsenal, West Ham, Tottenham and Manchester United are all competing for fourth place.

Arsenal are currently 4th in the league, a point ahead of Manchester United despite having played three games less.

Former England and Tottenham manager has said that no team is yet to have a hold on fourth spot, but has tipped Tottenham and Arsenal as his favourites.

“I don’t think it’ll be Man United, I thought Wolves might have a chance but last weekend’s result has probably knocked them out,” said Hoddle.

“I’d go United probably not, Wolves not now.

“I think West Ham probably not, it depends what happens against Sevilla [in the Europa League] this week. If they get through again I think that will work against them, they just haven’t got the depth.

“They’ve done wonderfully but they should’ve got another striker in at least and I think they know that.

“Arsenal look good, Tottenham are still in there. I think it might end up between them two.

“Tottenham have got to play Arsenal at home so that’s a key game. Arsenal are not a team that’s going to unbeaten for 5, 6, 7 games, but then Tottenham are not. So it’s a real conundrum who’s going to get that.”